Let’s face it: whether it’s in the way we dress, in the music, movies, food or drinks, the ‘90s nostalgia is everywhere around us. The world of mixology is no exception: in fact,  the most beloved drinks from that period are now being rediscovered.

A cool example? Cringe Cocktails, so called by the British Times newspaper the great classics of the era  are making a fantastic comeback. Caribbean, fresh and inviting, among them they feature the unmissable  Daiquiri, the  Mojito version with no mint but with rum and lime, and  the Martini, a classic and iconic cocktail traditionally made with gin and dry vermouth.

Other unforgettable drinks of the ‘90s include the Vodka Cranberry, a simple yet refreshing cocktail that combines vodka and cranberry juice, and the Passion Fruit Martini, a fruity and vibrant cocktail that has gained popularity for its exotic flavor and visually appealing presentation.

Finally, you cannot talk about the 1990s without mentioning the Cosmopolitan, a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, lime juice and blueberry juice, known worldwide thanks to the hit series “Sex and the City.”

Salame Milano and Cringe Cocktails

Making thirst-quenching and fruity ‘90s drinks can be the perfect solution to add an extra touch of color to a happy hour or an after-dinner with your guests, even better if paired with a simple charcuterie board with our iconic Salame Milano. Its delicate, savory, and aromatic flavor goes perfectly well with the characteristics of these drinks.

To complete your cocktail experience, pair it with assorted cheeses and some crostini or breadsticks!

Recipes you cannot miss

To make the pairing of cringe cocktails and salami more delicious, here are some recipe ideas that will inspire you for your next happy hour:

If you are looking for a light but satisfying first course, this option is for you!

An original and creative appetizer that combines contrasting flavors and textures

What are you waiting for? Join us on this journey through time and discover the secrets of retro cocktails from the ‘90s. Cheers!

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