Here, at Veroni we have a new product for you: the black truffle salami. It joins our salami range that includes spicy salami and regional variants. Our new truffle salami is characterized by a sweet aroma, strong flavor, and delicate fragrance with hints of porcini mushroom and hazelnut. The addition of black summer truffle, harvested only in a particular time of the year, gives the salami a unique and special aroma.

The Truffle Salami comes from the desire to experiment and offer new products: the softness of the salami combined with the aroma of the black truffle creates a product that will amaze your palate!

The origins of truffle and some curiosities

Considered the black pearl of the earth, the black truffle is a very precious product. The use of this delicious subterranean mushroom dates back to Egyptian civilization. Due to its nature, the truffle has always captivated people’s imagination. Indeed, a lot of mystery and superstition are associated with it. The Greeks and Romans, for example, thought truffles had therapeutic purposes and believed they gave eternal health to the body and soul. Since ancient times, it is believed truffles have an aphrodisiac power for their aroma and flavor. In the past, its exotic qualities made the truffle popular among noble classes.

Truffles grow well in a humid and cold climate. In Italy, the regions famous for truffle production are northern Piedmont and central parts of Tuscany as well as Umbria and Marche. It grows beneath various tree species, such as willow, poplar, hazelnut, and oak. There are many types of truffles: the summer black truffle we use for our salami can be harvested from May to the end of August. Its interior is yellowish-grey, with spidery white veins. Towards the end of the summer, the color turns a darker brown.


Our truffle salami is perfect paired with earthy red wines, together with breadsticks or bread. It’s ideal as an ingredient for your gourmet recipes and it’s a great addition to your charcuterie board.

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