Veroni has always been committed to promoting the taste of Emilia-Romagna with our cured meats. This is a spectacular region where you can enjoy art, nature, and good food. Did you know that some of the world’s most beloved cured meats have been produced here for centuries? From salami to mortadella, up to coppa and Parma ham: these cured meats represent the flavors of Emilia-Romagna.


Our Mortadella

The history of mortadella goes back centuries, and it is considered the most famous cured meat of the gastronomic tradition of Bologna. Its production is controlled by the Bologna Mortadella Consortium according to a Disciplinary whose origins date back to 1661. Our mortadella is made from selected cuts of meat and lard obtained from guanciale (pork cheek), evenly distributed in the mixture. It has a compact but at the same time crumbly consistency, obtaining at the cut a soft and fragrant slice of high quality.


Prosciutto Italiano

The production and the unique name of this cured meat immediately recall its origin. The taste of Emilia-Romagna, in this case, can be traced back to the area of Parma. In fact, since Roman times, the area was famous for the production of  salted hams. The Prosciutto Italiano is produced in the same way as in the past, the only ingredients are meat and salt, without additives or preservatives.


Coppa Italiana

Among the regional delicacies, Coppa di Parma is one of the most famous. This delicious cured meat has also obtained the PGI mark. In fact, Emilia-Romagna has the highest number of PGI and PDO products. Already in 1700,  some historical documents described Coppa as a typical local gastronomic product. It is distinguished by its delicate aroma and soft consistency with a moderate sapidity. Coppa has different dimensions, from 9.8 to 15.7 inches in length, and a weight which is not less than 45.9 oz.

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