Do you know what is best to pair with mortadella? In the past, people ate it as a tradition with bread or in a charcuterie platter. Indeed, mortadella is one of the most ancient Italian cured meats. Since the seventeenth century, a guideline document regulates its production – it was one of the first examples of Product Specification. In the past, Mortadella was reserved only for the upper classes because of its high price through its production and high costs. Today, it is considered the most famous deli meat of Bologna’s culinary tradition.
Nowadays, we cannot think about a charcuterie board without cheese. To perfectly combine charcuterie with cheese, there are some tips and guidelines – some cold cuts and cheeses complement each other better than others.

Mortadella and cheese

With its well-balanced flavor, mortadella pairs perfectly with Pecorino due to the mild aroma of this Italian cheese. In Italy, there many varieties of Pecorino that differ not only in terms of production but also organoleptic characteristics. We suggest a Pecorino Toscano with its milky fragrance. Another cheese that enhances mortadella is Parmigiano Reggiano, produced in the same region of mortadella.

Wine and Mortadella pairings

As we all know, there is no mortadella sandwich without a beer! This is a winning combination, but it is not the only one we suggest. Mortadella goes well with red Italian wines such as Sangiovese or Lambrusco. If you prefer an international mix, you cannot go wrong with Champagne! It will provide you with pleasant surprises paired with mortadella.
For a complete charcuterie board, you can add some fruits too. Which ones? You can combine mortadella with grapes or figs. If you love fruit pairings, or you are looking for some ideas to make a particular charcuterie board, you can read our tips on how to pair charcuterie with the right fruits. And if you’re a mortadella lover, in our recipe section you can find many other original ideas.

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