Each season has its own flavors, but the autumn ones are among our favorites. November is the month of the new wine and the season gives us many delicacies that accompany it well. Among the festivities of the period, San Martino, the 11th of November, is the day when together with the new wine we eat roasted chestnuts and regional specialties.

Chestnuts among the tastes of autumn

When we think of autumn, chestnuts, pumpkin, mushrooms are among the first things that come to mind. Here, are some tips on how to combine them with cold cuts. Making a nice charcuterie board requires some plating guidelines that you can find here, but knowing how to match cold cuts with the right products will give an extra touch to your creation. Chestnuts, for example, are great companions for cold cuts, but how do you prepare them? There are various ways to cook them: for a lighter version, you can bake them in the oven or microwave. Chestnuts in a pan, however, are the classic and more traditional method. For this cooking, we use a special peeled pan so that they are more in contact with the flame. These are the famous roasted chestnuts, one of the oldest street- foods.

Some curiosities

Not everyone knows that chestnuts were the bread of the poor because of their high energy value and caloric contribution. Chestnuts have excellent nutritional values and many benefits: they are rich in iron, gluten-free, and reduce cholesterol levels.

With chestnuts you can make a beautiful and tasty charcuterie board, combining salami with more salty flavors such as pancetta, dry-cured ham, and speck. The sweet taste of chestnuts creates an interesting combination. Seasonal fruits, such as persimmons, figs, and kiwis, can also be used to enrich your autumn charcuterie board. And if you want to use jams and marmalades, always choose the seasonal ones such as pumpkin or pear compote or even chestnut or brown jam.

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