In a typical Italian charcuterie board, one cannot miss Prosciutto, the flagship of Italian’s cured meat production, as well as local meat such as Coppa (Capocollo), Speck or Porchetta and cheese. Cheese plays an important role when creating the perfect charcuterie board. Depending on the type of meats, we can pair different kinds of cheese. Here are some suggestions:

• Prosciutto goes well with provolone cheese, a smooth and delicate cheese that contrasts the sweet-savoury flavor of Prosciutto.
• Speck has a lightly smoked taste which pairs perfectly with the sweet and nutty flavor of Asiago.
• Coppa, considered since ancient time a “noble” cold cut, can be paired with provolone or even with Gorgonzola, a rich creamy cheese similar to Blue cheese but with a milder flavor and notes of sour cream and lactic tang.
• Porchetta, a typical meat of central Italy can be complemented by a smoked Provolone.

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