Bubbles never go out of style. Enhance them with a charcuterie and cheese board. Discover the perfect match in just a few simple steps.

 Any time is a good time to celebrate with friends and family, especially when   sparkling wine is involved.  In recent years it has seen a large increase of high-quality Italian and foreign labels. Along with cured meats, sparking wine has always been one of the most popular flavor combinations for those wanting to celebrate the most important moments, including a simple but far from normal happy hour.

The perfect combo?  Well, we have three proposals, and they are all foolproof.

Franciacorta and Prosciutto Italiano

Franciacorta,  a DOCG sparkling wine made with Chardonnay and/or Pinot Noir grapes, goes beautifully well with cured meat such as Prosciutto Italiano. In this case, the delicate sweetness of raw ham is incredibly enhanced by the flavor and freshness of Franciacorta, known for its exquisite acidity.

If you want to make your Aperitivo even richer and tastier, add canapés topped with creamy cheeses, vegetables and spices.

 Champagne and Mortadella

Thanks to its fresh and harmonious taste, Champagne turns out to be the perfect companion for a cured meat like Mortadella, characterized by a unique and slightly spicy flavor. Its bubbles degrease the palate, readily preparing you for each new taste of mortadella.

Trento Doc and Pancetta

The smokiness and aromaticity of Pancetta blends  very smoothly with a sparkling wine like Trentodoc, which is versatile and ideal for any occasion. Thanks to this special combination, your Aperitivo will have a whole new flavor!

What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite combo and enjoy it!

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