How to pair white wine and Veroni charcuterie? Whether it is for an aperitivo with friends or as an appetizer for a family dinner, the charcuterie board is a typical course in every region of Italy. This is the ideal choice to amaze your guests, especially when the mix of traditional Italian cold meats is paired with Italian white wines.

The combo of cold meats and white wine may be deemed a little bit unusual, but it is certainly the most refined. To avoid any mistake or an improper combination, it is good to start gradually.

White wine and cold cuts: where to start?

  • First, while each Italian region indeed has its own cured meats and wines, you can create mouthwatering combinations by mixing the many flavors of our Peninsula.
  • The second tip is to understand which cured meats you want to focus on: the choice is truly wide and varies from the savoriest to the fattest, with spicy or sweet notes. Italian Prosciutto, Coppa, Mortadella, Bresaola, Speck… with our huge selection of charcuterie, creativity and the desire to experiment will come alive. One important thing is to take the organoleptic characteristics of both, the salami and the wine, to find the best balance of flavors and sensations on the palate.
  • Third and last tip: when the charcuterie board is done with various types of cold meats, the rule is to match the wine with the predominant salumi’s taste.

How to choose white wine?

But how to choose white wine? White wine is perfect to accompany a board of charcuterie, both salty and sausages. If the salami has a delicate flavor, the minerality of the white wine would tend to “clean up” the flavor of the fatty part. As cured meats tend to enhance the metallic characteristics of the wine, the perfect white for this type will be the most flavored and soft, preferably young and fruity.

Our choices

But no more chatter, below are the perfect combinations of white wines and cured meats according to Veroni’s team:

  • Bresaola – This lean and light salami pairs very well with the taste of white wine with a certain acidity and flavor, for example with Valtellina wines such as Sforzato or Valtellina Superiore DOCG.
  • Speck – In this case, we are talking about cured meat with strong smoky notes, the ideal is the union with a fruity white wine such as Sylvaner or Chardonnay.
  • Italian Prosciutto – For a slightly aged raw ham, a still white wine is definitely the perfect companion and here we recommend tolean towards a Sauvignon.
  • Ham – This type, with a taste less salty and more fat than the previous ones, is well enhanced by some white wines such as Vernaccia Toscano, Ribolla Gialla or Pinot Bianco.
  • Mortadella – Not everyone knows it, but “Mortadella and bubbles” is very trendy among fans and in gourmet kitchens, so don’t be afraid and match it with a good bottle of Prosecco.
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