Discover Emilia-Romagna with Veroni: Correggio

Veroni takes you to discover the treasures of Emilia-Romagna. We start from Veroni’s hometown: Correggio. Where it all began…

The story of Veroni begins almost 100 years ago in a small grocery shop run by five brothers and is located in Correggio, a little town in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. To know us it is essential to know about Correggio and its Region, the beautiful Emilia-Romagna, its countries, and its fantastic traditions. Because the goodness of our cured meats is directly proportional to the culture of our land.

Let’s start from food. Parmigiano Reggiano, mortadella (especially ours), cracklings and the beloved fried dumpling… It’s not over: a few drops of balsamic vinegar, a good glass of Lambrusco and the “scarpasòt”, which is a savory chard pie typically produced in Correggio. Last but not least: sweet slice of busilàn, a typical donut of the city. At Correggio as the whole Emilia-Romagna region, you can find all of these specialties beloved first by Italians. Food but not only…

Are you a lover of culture? Here’s where to start

Correggio town developed around the main street, Corso Mazzini, in the heart of the old town full of precious noble palaces, where the Renaissance reigned supreme, revealing Correggio’s historical and artistic heyday.

If you love visual art and you have a soft spot for the Renaissance, you can only start from this place: the Palazzo dei Principi, a jewel of Ferrara architecture, located on the main floor of the Civic Museum “Il Correggio”, which houses the masterpiece of Andrea Mantegna “The Redeemer”. Instead, for those who prefer the theater we recommend stopping at the Bonifazio Asioli Theatre, built on the old palace of Niccolò Postumo, now in neoclassical style with a horseshoe room, three tiers of boxes and gallery.

Let’s go on with the Basilica of SS. Quirino and Michele which preserve important artworks of the Emilian and Lombard schools. Our visit continues to the Church of San Francesco built at the end of the 15th century, to the Palazzo Municipale with its unique curvilinear frontage and eventually to the ancient Rocchetta. Finally, worth marking on the map there is the charming medieval village of Via Borgovecchio where there is Correggio Art Home, the old residence of the famous painter.

Not only art: Correggio between nature and tasty food

No trip is complete without a stop at the city park: Parco della Memoria, 11 hectares of greenery, two lake basins and an itinerary that traces the vegetal evolution of the Emilian landscape.

Before visiting this wonderful place, remember that our itinerary needs the right breaks. Especially, you cannot leave Correggio without eating our wonderful charcuterie such as prosciutto, mortadella or culatello, coppa and Salame. So come and discover our outlet near the Veroni headquarters.

What are you waitin’ on? Come to visit our beautiful city and tag @veroni_usa in your Instagram stories 😉

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