Discover Emilia-Romagna: what to visit, eat and enjoy in Rimini

Rimini, a beautiful town overlooking the Adriatic Sea and 100 km far from Bologna, is famous in Italy for its immense beaches and the most well-known discos, but it is much more!

If you love the sea breeze, shopping among boutiques and concept stores of top brands, and delighting in high-quality food, Rimini is the place for you! From musical festivals to super-equipped lidos, from prestigious monuments and museums to historic cafes: let’s discover together the goodies this city has to offer.


Rimini between art, museums, and hamlets: here are Veroni’s recommended places!

  • Ponte di Tiberio
    Crossing the bridge provides an excellent view of the river, especially at sunset. For a panoramic view, however, we suggest you do not cross it, but instead enter the Garden of the Righteous: a place surrounded by greenery, perfect for relaxing or strolling.
  • Borgo San Giuliano
    You cannot miss the most picturesque corner of the city. Borgo San Giuliano is the city’s old fishing village, made up of a colorful maze of narrow streets overlooked by small houses covered in murals.
  • Fellini Museum
    Movie buff reading? Go to the Fellini Museum, which is dedicated precisely to the famous director of La dolce vita. It is not just one place, but rather a diffuse museum where each space celebrates the director’s career.
  • Piazza Tre Martiri
    Known as Piazza Tre Martiri, but formerly called Piazza delle Erbe, it is one of Rimini’s main gathering places. It is named after three young partisans who were killed here in 1944. Don’t miss the Clock Tower towering above the buildings, with its calendar and moon phase dial.


A day is also enough to meet the Rimini’s delicacies and culinary tradition. Romagna cuisine, street food, and more: between piada and cappelletti (meat-filled pasta with broth), taste is among the kings of the place.

  • Bar Ilde: the best piadana
    Nestled in the green hills of Covignano is one of the tastiest piadinas in Romagna, with its soft puff pastry and stuffed with quality ingredients, all from the area such as ham, prosciutto, Squacquerone cheese or mozzarella. Are you curious to find out every detail about our traditional piadina? Take a look at this article.
  • Pescheria Vecchia
    This is the perfect place to have a drink or eat local street food with friends in one of the thousands of bars present: wineries, pubs, and small restaurants will offer you the best of the region. 


This town is a cradle of places of interest and events. In July, there are two appointments to mark:

  • Notte Rosa (Pink night)
    Rimini’s Notte Rosa is the famous “Italian Summer New Year’s Eve”. It attracts millions of tourists to the city every year for a weekend of fun, great events, concerts, and breathtaking fireworks displays to be enjoyed by the sea.
  • Mamacita Festival
    If you are a fan of hip-hop and reggaeton, you will love participating in the most anticipated event of the summer: the Mamacita Festival. This year’s event will be held at the Rimini Beach Arena on July 21 and promises to amaze you with live performances by 6 internationally renowned super guests.
  • Extra-bonus: Golden hour at the beach
    The Adriatic Sea catalyzes the attention of tourists, making Rimini one of the most popular holiday resorts in Italy. For this reason, our suggestion is to enjoy the scenery this coast has to offer.

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