Piadina is typically prepared in the Emilia-Romagna region but loved in every corner of Italy. Filled with cold cuts, cheese, and vegetables, this rounded flatbread is the perfect street food!

Piadina, or also piada, looks like a thin focaccia. This specialty has ancient origins: in fact, the first evidence of this special kind of bread dates back to Roman times. Made with wheat flour, lard, salt, and water, traditionally it was cooked on a terracotta disk, called “teglia” or “testo”. Piadina was the typical food of the Apennines populations, and it was consumed by the poorest because of its cheapness and easiness of preparation.

Today you can eat piadina as classical street food and, depending on the location, you can find it in two different types: piadina romagnola, which is thicker, and piadina alla riminese, which is thinner and has no yeast. Many restaurants and trattorias in Emilia-Romagna serve it as bread to accompany various dishes during main meals, but at Veroni we like it much better stuffed with our delicious cold cuts!

The most popular piadinas

Among the most appreciated and famous combinations of flavors, the classic piadina stuffed with cooked ham, tomato, and mozzarella, and the beloved raw ham, stracchino, and rocket stand out. Obviously, according to personal tastes these combinations are subject to variations both in cold cuts and cheeses added to stuffing. Many people prefer squacquerone to mozzarella or stracchino, others instead add to our cold cuts also grilled sausage or porchetta with grilled vegetables. In short, being comparable to a sandwich, the piadina is good with everything!

On our blog you can find many suggestions to create delicious recipes and cold dishes, perfect for the summer season, to which you can add a good piadina!


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