Cold cuts and pasta, an Italian classic – Spaghetti, fusilli or penne… Whatever the shape of the pasta, it is one of the most famous Italian products in the world. It is a dish that never fails from the tables of Italians, from simple pasta with tomato to more elaborate combinations.

Choosing charcuterie as a condiment for pasta gives life to famous and tasty recipes, very easy to prepare. In fact, the great Italian classics, that have conquered every palate, are born from this combination.

Let’s now discover together the most famous Italian pasta dishes with cured meats, perfect for every occasion.

Pasta & Pancetta

The most famous first course where this couple is the protagonist is carbonara pasta, hailing from Rome, the Italian capital. The original recipe calls for the use of another cured meat, but we recommend using our pancetta from the Italian Cubetti line because it is rich in taste, thanks to the addition of natural flavorings.

Pasta & Prosciutto

Another popular duo in Italian cuisine is pasta and cooked ham, as in ham, cream and peas pasta and ham and mushrooms pasta. For these versions, Veroni Cooked ham is the perfect choice because of its sweet, velvety and delicate scent.

Pasta & Speck

If you love the mountains and want to organize an evening with a mountain spirit, we recommend the pairing of fresh pasta and speck. Among the most famous Italian dishes stand out the Spätzle with butter and speck, irregularly shaped gnocchi made of wheat flour, water, eggs and spinach. Another popular first course: Canederli in broth, large gnocchi made of stale bread seasoned with onion and parsley. With these first courses typical of Northen Italian cuisine, we suggest our Speck Italiano, exquisitely salty with a mountain forest aroma.

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