Italian Cubetti

Produced in Italy, diced and packaged in the USA our Italian cubetti are ideal for soups salads and pastas.
The range consists of Veroni salumi pre-cut into cubes and pre-packaged giving the convenience of a ready-to use product for recipes while at the same time maintaining the full flavour of all 100% Italian made products.

The range includes four varieties of cured meats from prosciutto italiano, pancetta, prosciutto cotto and trio salami which are all produced in Italy and then brought to the Veroni plant in New Jersey to be diced and packaged to ensure the freshest and best tasting products.





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Our mortadellas

Our mortadellas

Mortadella is one of the world’s best-known cured meats and boasts a long and deep tradition: its production is a true art that requires passion and constant commitment.

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