Cured Meats and fruit

Cold cuts and figs an irresistible pairing – The Italian gastronomy tradition has a famous and solid pair: prosciutto and melon. However, this is not the only exquisite option when it comes to matching cured meats and fruit. A bit of creativity can create delicious combinations of flavors and tastes.

A simple rule to combine cold cuts and fruit

Which are the “golden rules” for creating an excellent pairing between cold cuts and fruit? There is a simple and basic rule to balance the aromas: the fatter the cured meat, the better it will pair with sour-tasting fruits; vice versa, the saltier the cold cut is, the more it will be enhanced by sweet-tasting fruits and the ones richer in water. This is the reason for the success of the prosciutto and melon duo: the sweet aroma of the melon well balances and exsalts the prosciutto’s salty yet delicate taste.

The pairing of figs and prosciutto

A pairing that is quite impossible to resist is certainly the one between Veroni’s Prosciutto Italiano and figs: a perfect dish to serve for a real Italian aperitivo with friends or as a fresh and quick appetizer. If you want to give a particular Mediterranean touch and add a strong flavor to the taste, we recommend adding fresh basil leaves.

To complete the tasting, don’t miss to add a warm and tasty soft focaccia and a glass of Italian wine.

One last piece of advice: the figs to be used can be both white and black, but it is essential that they are ripe enough to preserve their total sweetness and to better contrast the flavor of the prosciutto.

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