Why Charcuterie Paired with Cider and Apple Brandy is Heavenly – Apples compliment every table, whether placed in a basket, added to a dish or sliced and eaten as an appetizer. It is all part of the magic of apples and the science of food pairing.

Because apples are acidic and they go well with rich foods to help cut the fatty tissue and meld the meal together in the mouth to new heights.


Cider is made by fermenting fresh pressed apple juice. The result is a delicious glass of liquid gold that is half the alcohol of a glass of wine while delivering the same full mouth feel. Whether the cider in your glass is tart, tannic, or sour the magic of apples is that it will pair perfectly with charcuterie. The thin line of fat in the meat melts in the mouth with each sip delivering a wow factor that leaves the mouth wanting for more.

Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy or Calvados is made by distilling cider. Both are aged in oak casks from 6 months to multiple years. Young Apple Brandy is fruity and floral. Aged Apple Brandy has rich oak overtures and caramelized apple or raisin notes. Apple Brandy and Calvados is sipped and savored. As the Calvados wafts out of the glass it can be smoked in through the nose, which is a playful way to excite one’s palate before the actual sip. This drink lingers in the mouth and demands bold flavors. Calvados and Apple Brandy pairs perfectly with rich meats, cheeses and fruits offered by Veroni.

Whether you are drinking a dry, semi dry, or sweet cider or a glass of apple brandy it is always a guaranteed win/win to pair the glass with Veroni charcuterie!

Article written by Ria Windcaller, Cider expert

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