We are proud to introduce to you the brand-new antibiotic-free charcuterie range.

This premium line uses meat that comes from pigs raised by family-owned farms that promote good animal husbandry practices. Furthermore, according to our antibiotic-free program, no antibiotics or hormones can be administered to pigs in any growing stage. Furthermore, their diet is exclusively plant-based.

While our aim is to bring the authentic taste of Italian charcuterie to the USA, we are committed to develop and introduce products that are healthier and environment friendly. With the new antibiotic-free line we want to offer more natural and sustainable products while ensuring the quality and taste of traditional charcuterie imported from Italy.

The Veroni antibiotic-free range includes:

  • Prosciutto Italiano
  • Salame Milano
  • Salame Calabrese
  • Antipasto Italiano pairing

These products comes in 3 oz and 4 oz single packs.

The Prosciutto Italiano contains no artificial ingredients and is minimally processed, while the salami contains no nitrates except for those naturally occurring in celery juice powder and salt.

The new line will be soon available!

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