Veroni strengths the “aperitivo” time in the US with its Italian imported charcuterie

The Italian family-owned cured meat producer continues to elevate the Italian “aperitivo” experience by introducing brand-new Salami Chubs and sliced versions, Italian Rollini – meat and cheese hand rolled and  a restyled Enjoy AperiTime line at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2023

January 12th, 2023 (Correggio, Italy) – From January 15 to 17, the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show turned into an Italian “aperitivo” experience thanks to Veroni. In the West Hall, at Booth 2266-2268, Veroni offered a corner of Italy, where to taste their premium charcuterie offerings and specialty products. The historic Italian deli meats producer presented brand-new products ranging from different types of Salami Chubs and their sliced versions, Italian Rollini (the Italian word for rolls) paired with cheese, and a restyled Enjoy AperiTime line – a ready-to-share charcuterie board that combines deli meats with cheese and dried fruits. Designed to bring a touch of the Italian lifestyle to the US, you will experience the authentic taste of Italy with every savory bite.

“While our mission is to produce high-quality cold cuts, our goal in the United States is to adapt our products to those of the American consumer, but always with an all-Italian touch”. “The Winter Fancy Food Show 2023 represents the first important trade show of this new year in which we expect to repeat the results and successes of the previous year and continue to be the Italian leader of the US luncheon meat industry, where we aim to be importers of new culinary styles and trends too”, comments Marco Veroni, President of Veroni USA.

Veroni’s Salami Chubs and sliced salami for every palate!

The brand-new Chubs range includes different types of salame: Milano: long aging, finely ground fat, intense red color, and particular sweetness to the palate; Parma: mild salami seasoned with salt and pepper; Truffle: sweet aroma, strong flavor,r, and delicate fragrance, with hints of porcini mushroom and hazelnut, given by the black summer truffle; Salame Calabrese for all the spicy lovers, produced according to the traditions of the Calabria region. These different and typical Italian salami are also available in the sliced version, ready to serve and taste.

Veroni’s Italian Rollini: the perfect addition to the aperitivo or a tasteful snack!

Italian Prosciutto or Salame Milano with Provolone cheese – two delicious combinations for these brand-new “Rollini” (rolls literally translated from Italian). Authentic Italian deli meats paired with cheese hand rolled and packaged in the USA.  A perfect way to taste a 100% Italian snack or an original addition to your Aperitivo plate.

Enjoy AperiTime Line: the all-in-one charcuterie board experience in four pairing variations

The successful Veroni’s Enjoy AperiTime line has a new pairing option available. The new entry features Imported Italian “soppressata” and salame paired with olives, provolone, and almonds. This line, perfect to enrich the authentic Italian Aperitivo experience and crafted tasteful charcuterie boards, has been restyled in the packaging in order to optimize shelf space. The new rectangular trays and the new ingredient combinations represent the effort of Veroni to meet the American taste while offering the opportunity to enjoy an Italian aperitivo without having to leave their homes.

Veroni’s Maxi Platters, ideal for large gatherings and celebrations

12 oz of the best Italian specialties including Speck, Coppa, Salame Toscano, and Salame Calabrese. This is the new combination that joins Veroni’s Maxi Platters. A very successful combination that registered the best-selling performance among Veroni’s products. The other pairing options of the line feature a large range of deli meats paired with cheese, ideal for large gatherings and celebrations.

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