We are thrilled to announce we are on-air with our first-ever radio commercial in the US! Listen to Z100 New York: you will hear the amazing Elvis Duran Show’s co-host Danielle Monaro talking about our flavorsome, Italian authentic cold cuts.
In the US, Veroni has become a synonym of high quality, 100% made in Italy charcuterie. We produce our salumi at our facilities based in Emilia-Romagna, a region known as the largest Italian food valley and the home of some of the most appreciated cold cuts such as Parma ham, Salame Felino and Mortadella. We use artisanal production techniques and follow traditional recipes passed down over the centuries to let US consumers enjoy the finest Italian charcuterie.
Don’t miss the opportunity to taste our products: enter the contest of Z100 New York’s for a chance to win a Veroni Prize Pack, which includes your own charcuterie board!
Enter now and good luck!
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