Veroni brings the Italian charcuterie centuries-old tradition to US tables – If you are here to learn more about Veroni’s 100% made-in-Italy charcuterie, you are in the right place!

Did you know that we are the first importer of authentic Italian cured meats to the US? Our aim has always been to bring not only delicious, high-quality products to the US, but also to introduce a centuries-old tradition and nowadays rituals associated with Italian charcuterie to US consumers.

From Italian Prosciutto to Mortadella and regional specialties such as Coppa and Speck, we offer a collection of finely cured, high-quality Italian meats produced sorely in our facilities located in the Emilia-Romagna region. A fascinating destination that is widely known as the Italian Food Valley. Our pre-sliced charcuterie comes in single-packed trays, ranging from 3oz to 4oz.

Enjoy AperiTime

Amazed by the Italian Aperitivo? It’s to recreate the typical cocktail hour ritual at home with our Enjoy AperiTime pre-made cheese and charcuterie boards, perfect to share with 2 friends while enjoying a glass of good wine (better if Italian!) or cocktail. The Enjoy AperiTime trays cleverly combine Veroni cold cuts – from prosciutto to salami –, cheese, olives, dried fruit, and breadsticks: all you have to do is choose your favorite option among the five available trays to be transported to a trendy Milanese wine bar for an evening with friends.

Charcuterie Party Tray

For larger gatherings, our Charcuterie Party Tray is all you need: ideal for at-home enjoyment, this maxi tray includes Italian Salame, Provolone cheese, Italian olives, and artisanal breadsticks. A delicious must-have for your party along with our Maxi Platters, which amazingly suits your needs to quickly fix a cheese and charcuterie board rich in flavor and taste.

This line combines a selection of cured meats such as salame Milano, salame Calabrese, and Italian Prosciutto paired with Provola cheese. The easy-to-open trays preserve the freshness and quality of the products and offer pre-made combinations of Italian specialties that always stand out.

Snack Line


If you are looking for something to carry around and easy to consume, look at Veroni’s Snack Line which offers the finest, 100% made-in-Italy cold cuts paired with Provolone cheese, breadsticks or dried fruit. Fresh, healthy, and genuine, this line suits every moment of your day. You can enjoy them at the office, at school, after your workouts, or while you’re just having a stroll in a park on a warm sunny day.

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