Veroni adds warmth and flavor to the American festive tables thanks to its fine Italian charcuterie – There are thousand ways to say, “charcuterie board”. With a wild range of premium quality products, the first brand for Italian charcuterie in the US gives some tips for holiday gatherings

 Correggio (Italy), 12/21/2022 –Veroni, the beloved maker of Italian deli meats and specialty products, brings Italian flavors and high quality to the American festive tables with its finest charcuterie. Nothing captures the holiday spirit like family gatherings to share happy moments around a feast table. What better way to bring people together than with food? Whether it is for Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve, Veroni offers the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season in the best way possible. From the four pairing variations of the Enjoy AperiTime trays line – a ready-made selection of authentic Italian charcuterie, paired with cheese, dried fruits, and breadsticks – to the Italian regional specialties such as Speck and different types of salami, included in the Antipasto line, Veroni gives some tips to craft impressive charcuterie boards or prepare some typical Italian recipes.

Veroni’s influencer campaign shows different recipes declinations

As the phenomenon of sharing food photos on social media does not seem to come to an end, Veroni rides the way by planning Influencer campaigns, both in the US and in Italy, especially in this period. Thanks to their creativity, social media gurus realize amazing grazing boards, perfect for festive tables, or typical Italian recipes like “Gastronomic Panettone”, a real treat able to give an elegant final Italian touch. This is supported by a survey conducted for Veroni confirming that 78% of American consumers consider charcuterie a great addition to festive tables. Here are the Veroni family’s favorite pics: let’s be inspired to bring your menu to the next level.

(A delicious) Gallery

Match the Italian flavor of Veroni deli meats with some sweet bites and add some Christmas decorations.

Image courtesy of Kelsey Bassett, @theboardloon

Craft a Christmas wreath by combining Veroni charcuterie with delicious cheese and garnish with sprigs of rosemary!

Image courtesy of Rachel Holtin, @austinfoodstagram

Cheers to a new year with an elegant grazing table where the ingredients of the Enjoy AperiTime tray cleverly combines each other. Add some honey and jam for the right pairing.

Image courtesy of Leigh Skomal, @thewelltable

Try to recreate a typical Italian “Gastromic Panettone” filled with your favorite Veroni charcuterie – its taste will bring you to Italy!

Image courtesy of Sonia Peronaci,  @soniaperonaci

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