Characterized by a unique and special aroma and an intense flavor thanks to the presence of black summer truffle, Black Truffle Salame has just joined our Italian salami product range.

Let’s look at its history and the best ways to taste it!

History and Production

Truffle salame represents a true gastronomic delicacy. Its aroma, which can be perceived by smell even before taste, makes it unmistakable from other salami.

It is made according to typical salami processing, to which fresh black truffle is added in the last stage. After several weeks of aging, this mix is ready to be packaged and vacuum-packed.

The special ingredient: the truffle

What makes this salami so unique? The answer is simple: the truffle. This prized mushroom, which grows underground, has a delicate texture and an intense fragrance that goes perfectly with the meat used to prepare truffle salami.

Truffles grow well in a humid and cold climate. In Italy, the regions famous for truffle production are northern Piedmont, central  Tuscany, Umbria, and Marche.

What is the best way to try Truffle Salami?

Truffle salame has become one of the most prized and sophisticated gastronomic products in Italian cuisine. It can be enjoyed as is, as an appetizer with friends, or as an ingredient in more elaborate dishes. Lovers of the tastiest salami cannot resist a tasty sandwich filled with this fragrant delicacy.

Thanks to its consistency, it is the perfect ingredient to enrich a charcuterie board: Truffle Salame goes well with aged cheese such as Scamorza, a traditional Italian cheese with which it pairs excellently.

You can also pair it with a red wine like  Barolo or Barbaresco or a craft beer like Black IPA or Brown Ale to create an unforgettable combination of flavors!

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