Veroni’s cured meats are all manufactured in Emilia-Romagna, the Italian region known as Italy’s largest food valley with centuries-old traditions in charcuterie production. Emilia-Romagna is home to countless cured meats, including Prosciutto di Parma and Mortadella, which are internationally appreciated.

As a historical Italian cured-meat maker, we respect all the tradition and old recipes for the production of our charcuterie. Since 2016, we have been importing the finest Italian charcuterie in the US since 2016, offering authentic made in Italy products. Once delivered in the USA, Veroni’s Italian authentic cured meats are locally sliced and packaged in compliance with US strict food safety requirements at the Logan, New Jersey, facility.

The clime affects the quality of cold cuts

Do you know that also clime affects the quality of cold cuts? Maybe not everyone knows, but, as the clime determines wines’ characteristics, it also impacts the flavors of the respective deli meat products. Italy is famous for its delicious deli meats produced with traditional methods. Each production zone of the country has its own microclimate, a factor which makes each product unique and distinctive with specific characteristics in specific geographic areas.

The area of Parma, one of the most important cities in the Emilia Romagna region, has a humid microclime. Indeed, it’s a humid land, often shrouded in fog, which is a decisive factor for the quality of cold cuts. These weather conditions are the best for the delicacy of charcuterie’s taste. The charcuterie produced in the cooler areas such as Veroni’s home region has a more delicate taste.

Veroni’s charcuterie in US

Veroni’s easy to open trays make it effortless to savor authentic, high-quality Italian charcuterie. Veroni’s offer includes Italian specialties such as a selection of traditional salami, mortadella, Italian prosciutto, speck, and pancetta. A flavorful charcuterie platter combined with Italian red wine is the best way to enjoy Veroni’s products and indulge in an Italian aperitivo.

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