Prosciutto and mozzarella are one of the iconic pairings of the summer season that combines taste and simplicity with the freshness required on hot days. In the summertime, we have always less desire to cook hot and elaborated dishes and we take refuge in those winning mixes that always convince everyone: cold plates, quick and easy to prepare, and delicious to eat.

Mozzarella is an extremely simple and versatile ingredient; it can be used in every kind of food matching and for any type of course. From appetizers to main courses, as well as side dishes. It is among the most loved products in the history of Italian cooking: some prefer it plain one and other prefer the buffalo one. If combined with any of our cold cuts it is even more delicious!

Cold cuts and mozzarella

By combining prosciutto and mozzarella it is possible to create countless recipes, both for cold and hot dishes. Starting from the classic sandwich or piadina stuffed only with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, it is possible to create many variations which include the addition of other cold cuts or vegetables, such as salad and tomatoes.

In many occasions when you do not know what to eat you opt for a pizza, homemade or takeaway, but even in this case the balanced combination of the two flavors never disappoints! The same topping can also be used to create alternative meatballs and croquettes, as well as stuffed calzones.

The most famous appetizer of Mediterranean cuisine is surely characterized by the cold dish emblem of our country: the Caprese. The traditional version includes only tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, but the latest reinterpretations add to the dish also prosciutto and a little extra virgin olive oil as a topping. However, according to taste, you can modify the basic cold cuts and match the mozzarella with our mortadella or cooked ham that enhances the freshness even more.

To prepare a simple and healthy lunch, which can be enjoyed quickly, without having to give up unique and quality ingredients, we offer several recipes on our blog.

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