Spring has sprung and the sparkling cocktail mania has arrived with it: the warm season gives way to happy-hour en plen-air with friends accompanied by cool and refreshing cocktails. Just like Sparkling cocktails: delicate and always appreciated mixes that have as their main ingredient a sparkling wine, such as prosecco, sparkling wine, or champagne, accompanied by fresh fruit.

The low alcohol content, cheerful colors, and fruity aroma make them a pleasant and always welcome aperitif to toast the beginning of the new season.

The story of these drinks began at Harry’s Bar in Venice, a city of art par excellence. It was here, in 1948, that Giuseppe Cipriani, inspired by the Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini (also known as Gianbellino) created Bellini, the “father” of Sparkling Cocktails. A winning formula, thanks to the combination of white peach with prosecco.

Following the great success of this drink, many variations were born thanks to other great bartenders; first among them, Rossini and Mimosa.

Refined and delicate, Sparkling cocktails are perfect for a simple yet sweet-savory contrasting taste pairing. Here are three pairings with our cured meats that will win you over at first taste!

Bellini and Soppressata Italiana

The sweetness of the peach and the liveliness of the sparkling wine, Bellini’s DNA, are a perfect match for a strong-tasting and appetizing charcuterie such as Soppressata Italiana: the result is a great contrast of flavors. The best time to taste this pairing? Brunch or aperitif time!

Try it with cicchetti to evoke the pure Venetian atmosphere.

Rossini and Prosciutto Italiano

With an elegant and refined color and taste, the Rossini is a drink with strawberries and Prosecco, a tribute to the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini, called the “Italian Mozart.” A sweet and flavored cured meat such as Prosciutto italiano will allow this cocktail to unleash its full flavor.

Not only that, like any veritable aperitif cocktail, the Rossini is fantastic with savory snacks, salty bites, or finger foods. Try it to believe!

Mimosa and Mortadella

Crisp and spring-like, the Mimosa cocktail is appreciated worldwide for its irresistible taste. Its main ingredients — Champagne and orange juice — pair well with Mortadella, a sausage with an intense and slightly spicy aroma. Thanks to its burst of freshness, a successful happy-hour with friends is assured!

What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite drink and start making your own aperitif! Discover many more cocktail pairings here: @veroni_usa.

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