Salame Toscano: a piece of Tuscany in the United States – Have you ever been in Tuscany? This Italian region is well-known and appreciated for both its cultural heritage and the food & wine tradition. A trip to Tuscany delight both your eyes and your taste buds: why don’t sip a glass of Chianti and enjoy some delicious local charcuterie, while admiring the amazing view of Santa Maria Novella church from a typical Tuscan restaurant?

As our mission is to bring a “slice of Italy” in the USA through our 100% made in Italy charcuterie, Salame Toscano can’t miss from our offer. Deemed as an icon of Tuscan food tradition, Salame Toscano is a salami that gives a lasting impression when tasted. 

Salame Toscano

This salami is characterized by the intense, aromatic flavor of fennel seeds that add a subtle fragrant sweetness to the meat. In Tuscany, it is usually eaten as a starter and often paired with this region’s typical unsalted bread called “pane sciocco”.

The best pairings with Salame Toscano

The Salame Toscano goes perfectly with Pecorino Toscano cheese, another highlight of Tuscan’s culinary tradition. Rich in flavor, the salami also pairs well with vegetables, legumes, fresh figs, or grape, ensuring a great balance of savory and sweet aromas.

And when it comes to wine, which one should you choose? There’s no doubt that the one with Chianti red wine is the pairing for excellence. The tart and herbaceous notes of the pride of Tuscany will make the tasting experience remarkable

So, if you want to play with the flavors you can start from the recipe below!

Toasted bread with peas cream, sunflower seeds and Salame Toscano


  •         4 slices of toasted bread
  •         7oz of fresh or frozen peas
  •         2 tbs of toasted sunflower seeds
  •         4 slices of whole salame 
  •         Mint leaves
  •         Olive oil
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