Pairing Cured Meat with Wine

Antipasto is the best way to delight your guests at a dinner party or to sit back and enjoy at an intimate setting on weekends, paired with your favorite glass of wine.antipasto-3484840_1920

Be sure to offer a board with an array of cheeses, cured meats and snacks to make wine pairing easier, but for the specifics, the Italian way has some suggested guidelines.
Because most cured meats go through a curing process which incorporates salt, the finished products should be paired with something fresh and acidic to balance the flavour. Something such as a light and fruity red or a white wine work best.

Pairing more powerful flavours of cured meat such as prosciutto and bresaola with a heavy red wine can overwhelm your pallet and will result in the meat tasting even saltier and should therefore be avoided.
The acidity of a fruity champagne is the perfect pairing to an array of cured meats and antipasto flavours. So, have fun with your antipasto platter and experiment with various flavours and textures with the large Veroni range including our pre-sliced and packaged cured meats.


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