Care to taste an authentic Italian combo? You should try Negroni cocktail paired with Italian Prosciutto! This is not the only pairing that we suggest you! Read on to find out all our tips.

Negroni is one of the most popular Italian cocktail. It was born in Florence around 1910 and 1920 thanks to Count Negroni who used to add gin in equal part to campari and red vermouth, It was is favorite drink!
In Italy, this cocktail is used during the Aperitivo time together with a tasty charcuterie and cheese board. With its distinct bitterness from the Campari, Negroni cocktail needs strongly flavored foods, like salty, and mature cheeses like Parmesan, Pecorino cheese and blue cheese as well. It goes great with olives too. All ingredients that characterize the classic Italian ritual known worldwide as Aperitivo.

You can easily replicate the Italian aperitivo experience at home too, no matter where you are. Aperitivo is all about simplicity and a great way to unwind with family or friends. From Veroni’s Antipasto Italiano to Pizza kit you have many options to have an extraordinary aperitivo. What you are waiting for?

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