Sweet and spicy, mulled wine is a hot drink typically served at Christmas markets to warm up the atmosphere.

It has different names in different countries, but the recipe is always the same – and it’s super easy to make! How is it pronounced in European countries? To ask for a cup of mulled wine in Italy and France you have to ask for “Vin brulè”, in Germany for “Glühwein” and in Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, and Norway for “Glögg”.

The mulled wine origin

Mulled wine is a hot beverage that is mainly consumed during Advent time. The tradition of drinking mulled wine has spread from the people of the Alps and cold European countries, therefore spreading all over the world. The first mention of mulled wine dates back to ancient Roman times: they brought wine and viticulture with them up to the Rhine and Danube rivers and the Scottish border, along with their recipes (including the one of mulled wine).

In northern Italy, it can be found in Christmas markets or, more generally, prepared artisanally in pots or thermos and distributed during popular festivals of the winter period, including Carnival.

Recipe and pairings

Heated and spiced wine has evolved through time to include different medleys of flavoring, including ginger, pepper, cardamom, and even herbs. However, the original recipe is super easy: mulled wine is prepared by heating red wine (in the traditional version) or white wine, adding sugar to taste and many spices, basically cinnamon and cloves. In some cases, you can also add lemon peel, star anise, apple, and some mandarin segments.

What should be paired with a hot cup of mulled wine? It’s easy, our charcuterie goes well with everything! While you sip your hot spiced wine you can enjoy a good sandwich stuffed with Veroni salami or alternate it with a slice of your favorite cold cut!

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