Milano, Calabrese and Toscano: the perfect salami trio for your appetizers

Three Italian regions and their iconic salami, each one with a different taste. Discover how to pair our trio with our traditional wines.

It owns a special place in every Italian’s heart, for a tasty reason: it is delicious in every version! How do Italians enhance it? it is sliced and enjoyed with homemade bread and a glass of wine or served with other cold cuts as antipasto. Let’s discover our Salami trio, from Veroni Antipasto Line, which contains the most loved kinds of salami!

Salame Milano

Our salame Milano is served in thin slices that have a ruby-red color. The most remarkable characteristic of Milano salami is its sweet and delicate taste, which makes it one of kids’ favorite choices.

Wine pairing: Franciacorta and Salame Milano

The production area of Franciacorta is a hour drive from Milan and its sparkling wines are a perfect match with our product. This spumante has fruity and flowery notes that create a perfect balance with the sweet aftertaste of our salame.

Salame Calabrese

Calabria is a region located in southern Italy and is known for the use of chilly peppers in many dishes and foods. The original salame Calabrese is called “soppressata” and has a very bright red color due to the presence of chilly, which makes it a little spicy.

Wine pairing: Nebbiolo and Salame Calabrese

This wine comes from the Langhe, an area very far from Calabria, but that doesn’t stop them from being a great combo! Nebbiolo’s notes of spices such as black pepper and nutmeg empathize the spiciness of the Salame Calabrese.

Salame Toscano

Unlike the one from Milano, our Salame Toscano has an intense flavor of spices and its slices are a little thicker, perfect for those who like the stronger aromas.

Wine pairing: Etna Rosato and Salame Toscano

The low tannin content of rosè works really well with this salame. We also have other suggestions for a combination of cold cuts and rose wine.

The last piece of advice we can give you is… to put our tips into practice and enjoy your antipasto!

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