For a delicate but tasty aperitif, the combination of cold cuts and rose wine is the right compromise for everyone. Italian charcuterie is excellent on its own, but with the appropriate pairing it can be enhanced. So, what type of wine is best paired with a good board of Veroni specialties? Usually we focus on red wines, but also some whites can balance the typical savoriness of our boards. What about rosé? The combination of cold cuts and rose wine can be a pleasant surprise!

The perfect match

Thanks to its low tannin content, rosé goes very well with both fatty and lean cured meats and it’ s perfect for a spring aperitif. Many cured meats are full of flavor, like prosciutto, and choosing the wrong wine such as a more structured red can make the flavor of prosciutto bitter, with the risk of breaking delicate balances. For this reason, it’s better to pair a combination of cold cuts with rose wine: the freshness of wine will respect and enhance the taste of raw meat.

With an aspect more similar to red wine (in fact the same grapes are used for its production) but with a more fruity and flowery aroma, rose wine is more reminiscent of white wines to the palate. Fresh and balanced, when it becomes difficult to choose between a red wine or a white one, rose wine is a versatile and often a winning solution to satisfy the tastes of the most difficult ones.

How to use wine for cooking

Besides being a perfect match for a good board of Veroni’s cold cuts, wine is often used for cooking delicious recipes as well. White wine is the most used in cooking, however there are many recipes that also include red wine and, in lack of both, rose wine goes well with everything. In our dedicated section you will find many recipes and ideas for delicious pairings.

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