In Las Vegas we are betting on the wellness trends of Charcuterie. At the 2024 Winter Fancy Food Show, we are going to introduce the Low in Sodium claim starting with the Salame Milano takeaway tray, as the first uncured product with low sodium intake and no nitrates or nitrites added. All US Veroni products are also concerned by the Humanely Raised Meat claim.

What does the program consist of? We sources the pork meat from sustainable farms that adhere to an Animal Welfare program. Indeed, the pork used is processed and stored completely separately separated from other pork meat swine meat and is identified with a unique label throughout the production.

With the launch of our charcuterie humanely raised certificated, we want to offer the best Italian charcuterie experience to American charcuterie enthusiasts”, says our Marketing Manager Emanuela Bigi, “We want also to meet the choices of American shoppers who are searching for healthier foods without sacrificing the taste and flavor of their meals. That’s why this year we add the “low in sodium” claim starting from one of the most beloved cured meats all over the world, the Salame Milano.

New low in sodium Salame Milano tray, all the Italian taste with the lowest sodium intake

Here’s the line “low in sodium” with its uncured Salame Milano: ready to eat and easy to open, the entire product assortment is manufactured and HPP processed in Italy. It is then sliced and packaged in a consistent climate-controlled environment in Veroni’s USA facility at Logan (New Jersey), to guarantee optimal freshness. The slices are cut very thinly, as if they were prepared in Italy, for the best taste and aroma.

 The best Italian aperitivo experience: the Veroni trademark

At Veroni’s booth, all the buyers and visitors can find all the products for the aperitivo experience. These include the Maxi antipasto line which comes in the new eco-friendly tray and the Enjoy AperiTime Line, the all-in-one charcuterie board experience in four pairing variations that combine deli meats with cheese and dried fruits.

Furthermore, this year at the Las Vegas trade show we will present its Maxy platter line of Antipasto Italiano (12oz) within the new eco-friendly tray made of 85% less plastic than traditional Veroni trays. The Maxy Platter is the ideal solution for large gatherings and celebrations the includes a selection of Veroni charcuterie paired with cheese and a new combination that features only cold cuts, such as Speck, Coppa, Salame Toscano, and Salame Calabrese. A very successful pairing option that registered the best-selling performance among our products.

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