Gin-based drinks are a happy hour “safe choice”, best paired with a charcuterie and cheese board. Discover the perfect combo of sliced meats and Negroni, Gin & Tonic and Dry Martini.

Gin and Tonic tonight? You probably get asked this question nonstop while hanging out with your friends. This drink is no doubt one of the most beloved cocktails on any club’s list, the one you always go for. Simple and quick to make, but with an intense, slightly spicy flavor. Gin is the base of many long drinks that have now become mainstays of mixology around the world. These cocktails tend to be considered after-dinner classics, but they’re also perfect for an aperitivo, preferably accompanied by something to eat. An Italian happy-hour must-have is undoubtedly a charcuterie and cheese board.

If you are going for a gin-based cocktail, it’s important to think about how to achieve a balanced taste combination , in order to avoid  the drink overpowering the charcuterie or vice versa.  Here are three trusty combos for a successful happy-hour!

Negroni and Prosciutto Italiano

Prepared with red vermouth, Campari and gin, Negroni is a rather strong cocktail that goes  extremely well together with  Prosciutto Italiano: in this case, the sweetness of this cold cut is softened by the bitter notes of the Negroni. One of the basic rules of the art of drink paring is to associate gin by contrast: the flavors are enhanced precisely by dissonance, that is, by the contrast created between the fragrances of the food and those of the gin.

Gin & Tonic and Prosciutto Cotto

The light and delicate taste of Prosciutto Cotto goes perfectly with the intensity of the most classic of cocktails: the Gin & Tonic. If you want to make your Aperitivo richer and tastier, add mini-toasts with Prosciutto Cotto and cheese. You’ll be sure to make your hungrier friends even happier!

Dry Martini and Pancetta

The savory and slightly smoky taste of Pancetta is very persistent, and the Dry Martini is the perfect drink to cleanse the palate. It’s up to you whether you order it shaken, not stirred, as James Bond recommended.

What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite cocktail and start making your own gin-based drink. Don’t forget to pair it with the right cold cut!

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