Labor Day should be spent relaxing and enjoying the things you wish you could do when you have work. Although traditionally a BBQ with friends is the go-to for Labor Day, this shouldn’t mean you have to offer the same tired menu each year.
Mix it up this year by making the most of the season’s fresh produce and your favorite Veroni cured meats which you can use in totally new ways thanks to our list of additions to your day’s menu.

Grilled Peaches and Pancetta
This effortless delight is created by cutting a peach into quarters, removing the stone. Using Veroni’s pre-sliced Pancetta, wrap a piece around each peach segment. Place each piece onto the BBQ plate, rotating and cooking until the peach is soft and caramelised, enjoy the crispness of the pancetta and sweet centre of the peach.

Grilled Asparagus and Prosciutto
Create a burst of freshness on the menu by simply cutting the hard ends off a bunch of asparagus then creating bundles of three or four, bound together by wrapping strips of pre-sliced Veroni Prosciutto around them. Cook them on the grill, rotating occasionally until you achieve charred edges and the prosciutto is crispy. Remove and serve garnished with cracked pepper.

Grilled Salami Slices
This is the best addition to spice up any hamburger by adding a hint of smokiness. Simply place individual slices of Veroni Salame Milano, or Salame Calabrese if you like a bit of spice, onto the BBQ plate and cook a minute each side or until lightly browned. Enjoy as an addition to an endless range of dishes!

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