Getting to know Italian Soppressata

Soppressata is a particular type of salami recognised as a traditional Italian food product. But do you know what is the difference between a most common salami and an Italian soppressata? First of all, the meat: in both cases are pork, but for salami, both fat and lean parts are used, while in soppressata, the mixture is only made of lean cuts (thigh, shoulder, fillet, or ham trimmings).

Another big distinction concerns the casing: the casing of soppressata is larger than the one of salami. Even the shape is different, the salami is cylindrical, while the soppressata is more flattened. With regard to the aging process, salami varies from one to five months, while soppressata is around 60 days.

You can easily store it in the fridge and it’s good for 21 Days after opening.

How to eat Italian soppressata

There are no special recipes in which soppressata should be used, it is good on everything! Cut into thin slices, it is perfect as a topping on pizza or inside a sandwich. Try it together with our selection of cold cuts and you will love it!

The Italian soppressata also pairs well with Provolone or Asiago Cheese and it is ideal served sliced as an appetizer along with a nice glass of wine. But which wine pairs best with soppressata? Pinot Grigio is perfect if you like white wine, but if you prefer red wine, we recommend Merlot, they are both good solutions.

Where to find Italian soppressata

Veroni offers Italian soppressata in different formats: you can find it already sliced in easy to open trays or in deli shops that sell Veroni’s deli line. In addition to Soppressata, deli line includes Italian regional specialties such as Salame Toscano, Salame di Parma, Salame Calabrese, Italian Coppa, Italian Mortadella, Italian roasted Pork Loin and Italian Prosciutto.

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