Do you fancy an Italin-style sandwich? You might ever hear the word “panini”, it’s the Italian word for sandwiches. The singular form is panino [pəˈniː.no] meaning literally small bread roll. But what many don’t know is the huge variety of bread in Italy exist and the different options to fill it. If you like cold cuts, you should take in mind our suggestions.

Rosetta bread with mortadella

Mentioning the typical Italian style bread, one of the best-know is “rosetta”, a light crusty bread roll shaped like a flower. This is typical of Milan, named locally “michetta” which is believed it was invented in Lombardy during the period of the Austrian rule. Rosetta or michetta is perfect with mortadella. Mortadella can be paired with ricotta and crushed pistachios or with gorgonzola cheese if you prefer more intense flavor.

Sfilatino with salami

Sfilatino bread takes its name from the long and narrow shape. Someone says that Sfilatino is for pourist: the crust is very rough with just a bit of crumb. It’s similar to baguette and goes perfectly with salami and a creamy cheese.

The traditional ciabatta sandwich

Ciabatta, the rustic-looking loaf, is ideal with cooked ham or roasted ham and raw vegetables such as peppers and rocket. But the most traditional ciabatta sandwich is with Prosciutto, mozzarella, tomatoes, and some leaves of basil. For those who love smoky notes, can fill their ciabatta with Veroni roasted pancetta paired with melted brie cheese – a mouth-watering recipe!

Panino with porchetta

Actually, to taste an authentic Italian-style sandwich you cannot miss panino with porchetta. Typical of Rome area, this delicious cold cut has a very long tradition. In Italy, it is the classic street food that you can find during festival. Usually, the traditional panino comes just with porchetta but for a gourmet version, you can pair it with red onions marmalade or with yogurt sauce.

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