Veroni’s salame di Parma is a mild salami seasoned with salt and pepper. Our main goal is to bring in the USA the best of the Italian tradition. For this reason, we offer salame di Parma in different variants – from the whole piece, one of the most appreciated items of our salami range,  to pre-sliced meat paired with cheese. The best way to cut the whole salami is in thick slices. Salame di Parma can be a great addition to your charcuterie board paired with breadsticks, grana Padano cheese and olives.

Our charcuterie offering includes salami di Parma in 4 oz or 3 oz packaging. Here, at Veroni, we want to help prepare amazing antipasto platters. Therefore, within our Antipasto line we offer a selection of fine cured meats paired with traditional Italian cheeses including Salame di Parma with Provolone cheese.

The origins of salame di Parma

The Italian city of Parma is historically famous for salami production. Indeed, it is one of the best gastronomic destinations in Italy. Besides its strong food and wine tradition, Parma is also a city of art. It is close to Bologna, which is famous for Italian Mortadella instead. The Emilia- Romagna region, where both Parma and Bologna are located, is our home. All the region is well known for an ancient charcuterie tradition.

Our tips about pairings

Salame di Parma goes well with wine and beer too, so it depends on your tastes. If you prefer wine, you can make the perfect match with Emilia-Romagna’s red wine, Lambrusco. But if you are a fan of beers, we suggest an IPA. The assertive flavor of IPAs makes a great choice to better enjoy salame di Parma due to its ability to cut through rich foods with strong flavors.

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