This week we want to dive into Porchetta arrosto, one of the most popular and appreciated cold cuts of Italian culinary tradition. You will discover all its fun facts and how best to enjoy it! Here at Veroni, we want to bring the authentic flavors of Italy to the USA and spread the history and tradition that make unique the Italian charcuterie.

So, let’s start highlighting the correct pronunciation of porchetta: it’s [porˈketta].

Maybe you have heard of this delicious cold cut before, but have you ever tasted it? Porchetta is made with a whole pork, stuffed with delicious ingredients, and then roasted. Its process begins by separating the meat from the bone and laying the meat flat, then the surface of the meat is seasoned with a mixture of ingredients including salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, fennel, and other herbs. The meat is then rolled tightly, encasing the filling, tied together with twine, and then roasted to perfection, creating a mix of flavors from smokey to tangy. The origin of porchetta dates back to the Romans – historical recordings say that porchetta was the favorite dish of Emperor Nero. This amazing cold cut is deeply rooted in central Italy. For example, the town of Ariccia, near Rome, is well known as the home of porchetta, but also the Umbria and Abruzzo regions are renowned for this cold cut.

Porchetta is considered the forefather of street food since ancient times – it is an iconic dish to have, especially during folk festivals and in towns’ squares. Even today, Italians enjoy the porchetta sold by street vendors and at festivals, where it’s often served on bread. Indeed, the best way to savor porchetta is with a “panino”.

Veroni’s porchetta follows the traditional and original recipe to guarantee the authentic taste of the product and for sure it will make you feel like you are enjoying it at a festival or event in Italy. You can find Veroni’s porchetta prepackaged in many shops. For some recipes, you can try our hamburger with porchetta, broccoli, and caramelized onions.

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