A charcuterie board combined with fruits and vegetables is a brilliant idea to satisfy the most demanding palates but also to get kids to eat well.
Did you want to create one but unsure which fruit to choose?

Here are some tips to make your choice easier.

The savory and salty taste of Pancetta goes very well with dried fruits, especially walnuts;
• Dried ham has a high salt content, for this reason the right pairing is with sweet fruits such as figs, grapes and exotic fruits. As vegetables, you can choose raw peppers and tomatoes;
• Figs and grapes are the perfect combination for mortadella too. Additionally, Mortadella pairs perfectly with pears as well as Bresaola. The taste of Bresaola can be enhanced by oranges, kiwis, dried fruits, exotic fruits as well as zucchini;
• The ideal fruits for ham are pineapples and grapefruits;
• Salami can be paired with apples and kiwis too.

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