For many years, Erin wished to start a blog and finally decided to go for it as a hobby in 2019. She started to share all aspects of her everyday life, food, home, style and from that moment on she hasn’t stopped. Let’s get to know @erinnobrienn better!

Tell us your story with three adjectives that represent you.

Three adjectives that describe me would be authentic, driven, and kind.

How did your passion for social media and content creation come about and how has it evolved over time?

I always had the desire to share and build a community but it took me a little while to find my footing and purpose in the social media and content creation space. In 2019 I was working as a real estate agent and finally decided to “go for it” and start posting on Instagram as a hobby. I would spend weeknights and weekends (when I wasn’t hosting open houses) working on it. When our world was turned upside down in 2020 I had more time to focus on this. I found that it not only brought me joy but most importantly, brought joy and value to others. I will never forget when people started making my recipes and sharing about them online. It is still the most fulfilling part of my job and never gets old.

 Would you tell us a curious or funny story-time about your journey? Or, if you prefer, an event that helped you grow professionally?

Sure! Something that is both funny to look back on and that also helped me grow professionally would be “Tipsy Tuesdays”. When I started this journey in 2019 my husband, Andrew, and I would create IGTV videos that we called “Tipsy Tuesdays”. Every Tuesday we would have a glass of wine or cocktail while telling stories- everything from how we met to the time I fell out of a wine bus in Napa. Looking back on it, the content itself may have been a bit embarrassing but it was so fun and unfiltered. Most importantly, it cultivated a connection with my audience. Soon after I posted the last Tipsy Tuesday I started to gain a bit of traction. I feel that these videos helped me become more comfortable on camera moving forward.

 When you think of Veroni’s cured meats, what comes to your mind?

I think of my time spent in Italy! This is the best (and easiest) way to bring a little piece of Italy back home. Their authentic Italian charcuterie and cured meats are the highest quality and I love that they’re a family-owned business.

 What is your favorite Veroni cured meat? We’re curious to know why you like it so much!

It has to be Prosciutto! It’s sweet, salty, delicate and just so good. I’m also a big fan of the AperiTime packs and always have them on hand. They’re so convenient for entertaining and come with the perfect variety for a charcuterie board.

What kind of dishes do you like making with your favorite cold cut by Veroni? Would you like to give us a little recipe or a few tips on how to make it? If you’re not a pro-chef, how and when do you like to eat it?

I love to enjoy it on its own with bread and burrata. It’s so simple and really highlights the delicious flavors of the prosciutto. I also love to serve it wrapped around melon slices during summertime (with a crisp rosé wine), and in sandwiches!

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