Emilia-Romagna is a region that holds the record in Italy for the number of culinary specialities recognised with the DOP and IGP designations and it is rich in nature, art, entertainment, and good food. Its typical dishes, featuring products such as cured meats and cheeses, make it one of the most popular and well-known regional cuisines in the world. It is in Emilia-Romagna that some of the best-loved cured meats have been produced for centuries: from Felino Salami and Mortadella to Coppa and Crudo di Parma. Each of these comes from a different country, but all belonging to the same region called the ‘food valley’ of Italy.

Each country has its speciality

Bologna – temple of Italian gastronomy, mother of egg pasta: Bologna is the home of Tortellini soup, lasagne, and Mortadella. Mortadella has a centuries-old history and is considered the most famous cured meat in the Bolognese gastronomic tradition.

Parma – just say the word ‘prosciutto’ or ‘coppa di Parma’ and the origin of these cured meats is immediate. Since Roman times, the area has been famous for the activities of its population, who raised large herds of pigs and were particularly skilled in producing salted hams. Prosciutto Crudo di Parma is famous all over the world and is easily recognisable thanks to the brand name imprinted only on the original, a ‘crown’. Its production has remained the same as it was at the time, only pork and salt are used as ingredients, with no additives or preservatives.

As for Coppa di Parma, it has been awarded the PGI mark and is characterised by its delicate aroma and smooth texture with an unpronounced flavour.

Felino – a small town in Parma province, gives its name to a unique sausage: the Felino salami. The production technique has remained the same for centuries. No wonder that a product so representative of its territory of origin has obtained the European certification of ‘Protected Geographical Indication’The typical shape of Felino salami is cylindrical and irregular, of considerable size and with one end thicker than the other. The slices are a beautiful intense ruby red colour, without spots, dotted with the white of the fat. The aroma is intense and characteristic, while the taste is sweet and delicate.

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