SINCE 1925

It’s widely known, accepted and envied that Italians are the masters of food. Our traditional dishes and historical methods have spanned the world due to their simplicity and great tastes. But while Italian food is consumed all over the world, the our Italian way of eating and preparing is an art form yet to be fully discovered.

The essentials to achieving the Italian way is produce and preparation. At Veroni we ensure the meat used for all of our charcuterie is of the utmost quality, and prepared in the loving family way since 1925. Freshness is key to receiving the very best flavours, and in being so, it deserves the respect to be prepared perfectly.


You will often find that in Italy we serve each ingredient separately, in its own thrown, to be admired individually and allowing it to be seasoned specifically. The recipes we use at Veroni have been refined over the years making our meats the perfect centre piece.

However while we follow these rules, the true secret ingredient to eating in the Italian way is the passion we have for food. As something that cannot be taught, we at Veroni endeavour to deliver our passion for food to you through our range of delicatessen meats, from our table, to yours.


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