This time of year is full of fun events such as fall festivals, the perfect opportunity to get together to celebrate the changing of the season.

A mix of good company, fun games and delicious food – we couldn’t think of anything better!

We don’t think that the games and sweets should just be limited to the kids though, so we are sharing with you our easy steps to create the perfect fall festival right in the comfort of your home. Invite your friends and family and use it as an excuse to bring everyone together and have something to look forward to.

Games are always the cornerstone of any fall festival, but why not organize activities that all age groups can take part in? Face painting is always fun to give the day a lighter and more humorous mood, then get everybody involved in games such as tug-of-war, ring toss and even pumpkin carving which can be created in groups to ensure kids are supervised.

No celebration for us would be complete without a fitting food spread, but that doesn’t mean you have to put in hours of work to create a beautiful outcome.
We find the easiest way to cater larger groups is a spread of grazing platters with autumn flavors such as tender Veroni ham, porchetta arrosto and speck paired with rich cheeses and preserved seasonable vegetables in oil.

Have fun bringing together food and decorations to create an unforgettable spread that your guests can easily enjoy while part taking in events or catching up amongst each other.
For larger groups, we find the best way to satisfy hungry guests is a BBQ. Follow some of our ideas to help you put something that will take them by surprise here.

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