The bigger, the better: here’s a few tips on how to best try the giant version of the real Italian Mortadella in the most authentic ways.

Mortadella is no doubt one of the most famous Italian cold cuts all over the world. Because of its place of origin, Americans named their version of this delicacy “Bologna”. However, real Mortadella has little to do with its distant relative from the States, which seems to have lost all connections with its predecessor. While Bologna can be a mixture of pork, turkey, chicken and beef meat, the original version is only made with 100% high-quality pork.

How can you recognize Italian Mortadella? The unmistakable scent, the pink color dotted with white, the compact texture, and last but not least, the amazing taste. It is impossible to say “no” to this specialty! That’s why Veroni thought of a bigger version for a more enhanced taste and greater satisfaction. The giant version is a different story in terms of the cut of meat used, and it’s also soft and irresistible to the palate.

The Giant Mortadella’s unique feature is the larger diameter of the slices, which makes them even more satisfying to eat. It is produced in Italy, slow-cooked in a brick oven and then thinly sliced. It also comes in a modern package, with an “easy peel” opening.

Let’s discover the best ways to try this delicacy!

  • A must-have with the classic Italian Aperitivo.

You can’t go wrong with the Mortadella and Spritz combo. We dare you to ask any Italian if they have ever tried them together during a happy hour and the answer you’ll get will almost certainly be a resounding yes!

  • Stay simple, stay true: make yourself a good sandwich.

There’s nothing better than two slices of warm bread with Mortadella. Italians love to enjoy it inside a “rosetta”, the iconic Roman bread, crunchy and crumbly on the outside with an empty interior. The most important rule is to keep it simple and don’t add any other fillings. We promise that two ingredients will be more than enough to make the most authentic panini.

  • Try Mortadella-based recipes.

Its particular consistency is suitable for traditional fillings, such as in Tortellini, a specific type of Ravioli which are considered to be a cornerstone of the Bolognese tradition. Mortadella is particularly appreciated in typical Southern Italian recipes, such as  potato gateau. A classic, traditional Neapolitan dish made with mashed potatoes, cheese, eggs and cold cuts, then baked until lightly crispy on the outside.

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