Salame Milano is one of the members of the Veroni salami family – it stands out for its delicate taste and tender texture making it perfect to enjoy as an aperitivo or in a light panini.

Originally, the salami was exclusively produced between Lodi and Milano, both within the northern region of Lombardy in Italy, but now it is made in other areas of the country.

The variety of salami is characterized by its fine minced meat which is crafted using a special tool called ‘finimondo’. This tool minces the meat finer than other traditional sausages and therefore results in a more even distribution of the fat content. The minced meat is then mixed with salt, pepper, crushed garlic, and white wine before being stuffed into a natural skin. The sausages are then left to dry for varying times depending on the season and desired flavor.

The result is a red sausage that has a sweet flavor to it while having the impact of the added garlic. It is also gluten-free and therefore the perfect cured meat for those who suffer from intolerances.

Veroni offers Salame Milano in a large range of varieties such as salami antipasto, charcuterie, and take-away. 

This product, produced in Italy, sliced, and packaged in the USA, also stands out for its long maturation, the finely grounded fat, the intense red color of the slice, and its particular sweetness on the palate. It is lactose and gluten-free with zero grams of trans fat per serving. Making it easy to enjoy with friends or family members that might have allergies or food intolerances.

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