Prosciutto is one of the world’s most popular cold cuts but what exactly is this beloved Italian meat and how is it made? Let’s discover its history and a creative tip to make your board more aesthetic.

Savory, thinly sliced, and most of all authentic. Veroni’s Prosciutto Italiano fully represents our country’s heart and soul. In Italian, prosciutto is simply translated as “ham.” There is a huge difference between Prosciutto “Crudo”, a raw, cured ham, and “Cotto”, or cooked ham. We’ll be going through the tradition of Prosciutto Crudo, which is commonly known in the United States as Prosciutto Italiano.

History and production

The origins of Prosciutto Crudo date back to pre-Roman times when people began to dry-age pork legs to extend their meat supply during the long winters. The tradition of Prosciutto making was mastered over the centuries, but the basic process has still remained the same. It is made from high-quality pork legs. The meat is covered in salt and left to rest for a few weeks. After the salting process, the pork legs are washed, seasoned, and left to dry-age at a controlled temperature.

What is the best way to try Prosciutto?

To experience maximum flavor, we suggest serving it in paper-thin slices. Its delicate and slightly salty taste makes it easy to pair with fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, and wine. That’s why Veroni thought of a ready-made Italian-style cheese and charcuterie board. Enjoy Aperitime is our way of bringing to life the experience of an authentic Aperitivo for Americans without them ever having to leave home. All you have to do is pair our charcuterie with a tasty glass of wine or a Spritz to savor the Italian vibes.

Here’s how @theboardloon styled her board by adding a few charcuterie ribbons and some other delicious ingredients. They are so easy to create and not to mention kind of fun, too! Just take a slice of Pros

ciutto, place it flat on your workspace, and then fold it in half. Pick the folded piece up and start folding it inward loosely. These easy steps create the illusion of a ribbon!

Did we get you in the mood to try some more recipes with this authentic Italian specialty?

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