Learn the art of charcuterie board-making step by step, one reel at a time, and bring your creations to the table with our Italian style. Here comes Veroni charcuterie boards: the Italian touch! A video tutorial series for our community of charcuterie enthusiasts to learn or master the art of making Italian-style charcuterie boards using the AperiTime line, Veroni’s most successful product in the US. A food trend that went viral and quickly became a popular appetizer for all types of gatherings, from parties and happy hours to family celebrations.


The project was created to jump on a viral trend that has inspired millions of American social media users. It is perfect for foodies who are on the hunt for the latest food trends but also for those who don’t like cooking but still want to impress their guests by following a few simple tips. “The unique added value of the content created lies in our Italian DNA, the Italian touch in style and taste that made us famous worldwide,”  commented our Marketing Manager, Emanuela Bigi.


After the Christmas charcuterie board pilot project, we continue the video tutorial series with five themed cutting boards, starting from the AperiTime charcuterie board, a perfect “homemade inspiration” for anyone who doesn’t shy away from happy hour. The Spring charcuterie board, ideal for bringing the season’s most popular ingredients to the table, is about the artistic and colorful juxtaposition of cheese, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits to create designs and geometric shapes, while the Happy Birthday Charcuterie board is designed to accompany any celebration in the most delicious way.



The last one, Discover the Taste of Italy, is the charcuterie board that acknowledges and highlights the excellence of cured meats from Emilia-Romagna and emphasizes the importance of Italian production and quality, a key to our sales success in the American market. We export our cured meats, produced exclusively in Emilia-Romagna, to the United States to be sliced at the Logan plant in New Jersey to ensure freshness and consistent organoleptic characteristics. Our campaign can be viewed on our IG profile @veroniusa on our YouTube channel, and, of course, here!


Pasta with pepper cream and ham

Pasta with pepper cream and ham

Summer is the season of peppers! We love them because they add color and taste to our favorite dishes with Veroni cold cuts.

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