Pairing charcuterie with cocktails is not a modern trend as you can think. This is a common pairing during happy hours in Italy with its famous name,  “Aperitivo ”. Someone defines Aperitivo like a quintessential cultural expression of Italy. It’s indeed an art and Italy is famous  for this tradition all around the world. With no doubt, the capital of this ritual is Milan: at any time between 7 to 9 pm, every bar in the city offers aperitivo.

The tradition of Aperitivo

Aperitivo has very old roots, even Romans used to have their own, which they called it “gustatio”. During gustatio, Romans drank mulsum, a highly alcoholic wine mixed with honey and flavored with spices. Mulsum is considered the forefather of cocktails, which implies that even in Roman time, pairing savory tastes with cocktails was a very common habit.

Which are the best cocktails to pair with charcuterie?

If you are wondering which cocktails are better with charcuterie, Negroni goes well with Italian prosciutto. The strong flavors of the drink pairs perfectly with the salty-sweet notes of Prosciutto. A popular Italian drink that characterizes Italian Aperitivo is Spritz. The original version is with Aperol, but you can ask for Campari Spritz as well. The other ingredients in the cocktail are Prosecco, soda, and orange slices. With its freshness and cleansing capacity, Gin & Tonic is another great cocktail to taste charcuterie. The slight bitter notes of Gin & Tonic contrasts the flavor of the sliced ​​meat resulting in an effective combination. You can replicate an Italian Aperitivo at home with our Enjoy AperiTime charcuterie trays choosing your favorite cocktails.

But we shall not forget that the first charcuterie pairing choice for Italians is always wine – it goes perfectly with all types of charcuterie. They love to drink it especially during dinners or special lunches. Charcuterie is the main ingredient of “antispato”. Curious to know the differences between Antipasto and Aperitivo? Find out more in our blogpost.

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