Surrounded by over 300 hectares of pine forests and 827 hectares of salt marshes, Cervia is a true natural oasis: discover the soul of a lively and friendly town where the warmth, hospitality, and gastronomy of Romagna are at their best.

If you are looking for a town where nature, culture, and gastronomy coexist, Cervia is the place for you! Let’s discover the secrets of this jewel on the Romagna Riviera, between the sea, salt marshes, and pine forests. From the historic Musa Salt Museum to the mouthwatering local delicacies such as the sweet salt, the mussels, and the sweet cardoon of Cervia, there’s no chance of getting bored here!

Culture & History

No matter what time of year, Cervia has many places worth visiting, with buildings and monuments rich in history.

  • San Michele tower

Let’s start with one of the town’s landmarks. Also known as San Michele Tower, this impressive fortress was built in 1691 to protect the town and the salt.

At its top was the parade ground to warn of attacks from bandits and looters and to defend the valuable salt stored in the storehouse.

  • MUSA (the Salt Museum)

Founded by the Salt Workers’ Cultural Association “Civiltà Salinara”, Musa is considered the guardian of the town’s history and traditions. Here, you can admire documents, tools, and photos that allow you to experience the history of the salt pan.

  • Butterfly House

Don’t miss this corner of tropical nature inhabited by hundreds of colorful butterflies. The serene atmosphere and wonderful natural scenery captivate people of all ages.

Foods you Have to Try

Interested in discovering Cervia’s culinary specialties? Here are a few important tips for experiencing the towny’s authentic cuisine.

  • Cervia’s Mussels

Mussels are the main protagonist among the typical products of the region: they are checked and hand-selected by the fishermen directly on board their fishing boats, and they are a zero-kilometer, healthy, and genuine product.

Many dishes, including risottos and “tagliolini allo scoglio”, highlight their flavor.

From June 1 to 4, the Cervia mussel is the undisputed star thanks to the “Cervia Mussel Festival”, a fair with mussel dishes for all tastes.

  • Cervia’s Sweet Cardoon

If you visit Cervia, you must try the sweet cardoon, a traditional winter product with a unique, sweet taste that comes from its cultivation in sea-sand soil.

In Cervia, it is celebrated in January with a fair where you can taste original dishes and pairings: not only fish but also meat and charcuterie.

  • Romagna’s Piadina (a typical local bread)

‘La piada’, better known as “piadina romagnola”, is a typical food of the traditional local cuisine. It goes well with many cold meats such as prosciutto, salami, and more, and with different cheeses (pecorino, squaquerone, and more.).

If you want to visit a few restaurants in the area, we have a few recommendations that might be useful for your next trip:

  • Chiosco delle Streghe – Viale Due Giugno, 10
  • La Piadina della Piazzetta – Piazzetta Carlo Pisacane, 4
  • Piadina del Mare – Lungomare Grazia Deledda, 11

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