In Italy, cutting prosciutto is a truly form of art that offers a unique tasting experience in terms of both flavour and texture. We try to bring a little of that art into the ready-made trays that we offer you every day… but let’s see how it works!

When we think about the cutting of prosciutto, the most common image is that of the salumiere using a slicing machine but besides being fascinating to see, the technique of trimming with a knife often gives unique sensations to the taste. There is not just one cutting technique and to choose the best one, it is necessary to consider some factors such as the aging of the ham, the practicality of the cutting position, and the size of the slices.

The hand cutting is mainly done when the prosciutto is tasted at the moment, immediately after being cut. There are many schools of cutting: the most known and appreciated are the Italian and the Iberian ones. In Italy, it is preferred to cut thin slices, long and whole, while according to the Iberian school it is necessary to cut the ham in many small portions to taste distinctly its different parts. The last technique allows the operator to work better on the whole piece.

Veroni raw ham

Veroni has been the first Italian company to grant the authorization to import 100% made in Italy cured meats to the US. Our offers include a wide range of Italian finest charcuterie, and cutting them directly in our state-of-the art facility in NJ, we bring real Italian charcuterie to your table.

Prosciutto can be used well in cooking and in the recipe section of our blog you can find many tasty combinations based on this cured meat. It can be cooked as a filling for delicious croquettes or, more simply, cut into thin slices and lightly toasted in a pan for alternative salads.

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