For international Beer Day, we thought we would dive deep into the perfect pairing between cured meats and complimenting beers. We take an overlook at all of our 100% Italian-made meats that can be enhanced with a large array of beers.

Some beers can really bring out the flavors and spices of cured meat, while others can tame them. To make sure you’re not overwhelming the notes of your favorite cold cuts, we have put together a concise guide to make it easier to pair them together.

Due to the intense flavour of mortadella’s pork and various spices, the best pairing can be found with an IPA or pale ale which will cut through the fat content.

Coppa – pork sausage
This dried and spiced cured meat has a beautiful smokey flavour which is best enjoyed with an IPA to accentuate the spices, or a light Bock beer to contrast them.

The bold flavors of prosciutto with sweet notes and hints of salt requires a Pilsner pale lager for a light and crisp easy pairing or Gose that emphasises those salty notes.

The cured meat speck has beautiful sweet and lean notes that are best paired with smokey beers such as Scotch Ales or Rauchbier

Mild Salami
Veroni offers many variations of salami flavoured with spices such as fennel, paprika and red wine. Pair with a lighter beer such as a Kolsch or Pilsner to allow the flavors of the salami to be fully appreciated.

Hot Salami
The bold flavors of our hot salamis require a creamier and richer beer such as a Porter or Stout to cut through the heat.

We hope with this guide you will be able to easily enjoy all of Veroni’s traditional cured meats together with a refreshing beer on those relaxing summer afternoons.

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